The UMF is a common label found in high quality Manuka Honey, but what is UMF? UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor which is a special quality control and grading system to identify the raw Manuka Honey that is not altered in any form and if it contains some strain that possesses special unique natural properties. It is a standard measurement system that helps measures the purity and quality of the Manuka Honey and being practice internationally.UMF can only be used by licensed Manuka Honey manufacturers and have to be a New Zealand company and meet a specific set of criteria.

So how does the UMF Grading System work?

The UMF grading system ranges from:

  • 0~4 which properties is not detectable.
  • 5~9 contains low level properties,limiting uses
  • 10~15 have a fair amount of special properties to be used for medical purpose and consumption.
  • 16+ above contains Superior high grade levels which is usually being use for medical treatment for antibacterial activities


How to test Manuka Honey for Authenticity?

Knowing how to identify the properties of the Manuka Honey to be genuine can save you a lot of money from purchasing counterfeit products or Manuka Honey that doesn’t contain much beneficial properties for a high cost.

All Manuka honey must be tested and get a special approval from licensed laboratories using the stringent criteria laid down by the UMF Honey Association which is a body that helps regulate the quality control for the Honey before being packed. The Association testing utilizes a wide variety of biological and chemical methods and an intensive quality control check before being approved to ensure its quality and safe for consumption and usage.

UMF label is highly regarded for its quality trademark and all UMF licensed holders are complied to meet a strict set of requirements in terms of production , manufacturing, sampling and handling.

Some of the checklist for consumer to identify the good quality Manuka Honey steps:


  • There is UMF label quality trademark clearly being stated at the product front.
  • The product is packed into jars and contain the New Zealand label on its body.
  • The product must be produced by a UMF licensed New Zealand Company.
  • There is the UMF licensee numbers mentioned on the product.
  • There is a rating of which category the Manuka Honey belongs to on the front label.

 Now you have gained an idea on what UMF is, be a smarter consumer and get the genuine Manuka Honey Now.

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