How BlueBird Began

image source: BlueBird NZ Facebook
image source: BlueBird NZ Facebook
image source: BlueBird NZ Facebook

image source: BlueBird NZ Facebook

Bluebird’s story began in 1947 when a young entrepreneur, Les Saussey, started selling popcorn and later potato chips, at the Western Spring Speedway in Auckland. The popularity of his Bluebird chips quickly grew and he soon expanded his range of flavours to include the Ready Salted, Salt & Vinegar and Chicken flavours. Back then you could buy a packet of Bluebird chips for 9 pence!

Bluebird has grown to be the leading snack food manufacturer in New Zealand

Bluebird Foods became part of Pepsico (Frito-Lay) in 2006, which has been marketing successful brands like Bluebird Potato chips, Doritos, Grain Waves, Twisties, Rashuns, and Burger Rings.

Advertisements featuring the Bluebird Penguins are a much loved part of the company’s history. The Bluebird Penguins are crazy about Bluebird Chips and are always trying to get their flippers on them! The company has also run highly successful promotions including “The Nation’s Chip” – Cheesymite and “Do Us a Flavour” as well as the “Kiwi As” range of limited edition flavours.

Making the best tasting chips remains at the heart of everything Bluebird does. So enjoy… and remember Bluebird’s the word!

How to eat Potato Chips and Not Feel Guilty.

1. Always include some fruit. Something healthful mitigates the guilt of a chip binge, a psychological factor indeed but fruit is packed full of beneficial nutrients. Grapes, apples, persimmons and pears all make a healthy companion piece to your chips.

2. Chips can be tasty and not bad for you. Make chips cooked in sunflower oil your priority.

Eating fried food may not be bad for the heart, as long as you use olive or sunflower oil to make it, experts say.

3. Don’t eat chips with other high calorie food, i.e. biscuits, confectionary and sugary soft drinks. Don’t pile on indignity on top of indignity. If you are going to indulge, stick to one thing, and some chips with fruit and water is a reasonable sort of comfort snack.

Okay, water is not very exciting but sparkling water is. Not only does it cleanses the palate, it also offers the fizz of a soft drink without the unreasonable amounts of sugar. Quality beer and wine in moderation: the alcohol can be beneficial to our hearts and arteries. Green and black tea, without milk or sugar, is another palate cleanser that intensifies the chip eating experience while making it a healthier. Tea, made from the dried leaf of a certain type of camellia bush, and is loaded with natural health giving compounds.

Some Potato Facts:

It takes 6.3kg of raw potatoes to make 1.8kg of potato chips.

NZ has 200 dedicated potato growers.

Around 525,000 tonnes of potatoes are grown annually in NZ, this is approximately 3 billion potatoes. This is around 668 potatoes per year for every man, woman and child.

NZ potato growers produce more spuds per hectare than any other country in the world. The potato crop is worth $600 million dollars a year to the nation.


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