Healthy snack replacement for your kids

Do you ever have problem with your kids dislike eating fruits? My 5 year old definitely not a fruit lover until I discover this product.Since then hes been very obedient in finishing the fruits I prepared for him.The product is from gonativeworld, a healthy fruit snack bar that is being produced in NewZealand, I heard they are extremely popular with atheletes since they produce nutritional value as well serve as a healthy snack that helps them in their diet.

I have tried the Go Native Mango and Apple Fruit Bites & Mixed Berry & Apple Bites

Honestly its very good ,Now this is a fruit snack! Go Native Fruit Bites are made from natural fruit ingredients. I love the delicious real fruit taste packed in each moist bite. I ordered the Mango and Apple snack bites and they are so yummy! Awesome real tropical mango flavor. Just the right amount of sweetness, not sugary. Each bite is soft and slightly chewy. Love that they don't gum up and stick to my teeth. They only have 6 ingredients - concentrated apple puree, concentrated apple, concentrated mango puree, citrus fiber, pectin from plants(gelling agent), and natural flavor. All natural ingredients and all I recognize. 

NZ nutrition foundation recommends 5 servings of fruit/vege a day and each pouch of Go Native Fruit Bites contain the equivalent of one daily serving of fruit.

 This is an excellent snack for all members of the family - kids and adults.

Plus this product contains no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no cane sugar, and is gluten free, dairy free, fat free, vegan free, and non-GMO.This is an excellent snack for all members of the family - kids and adults. The convenient pouches make them perfect to pack in lunches or anytime you need to grab and go. The nice service size also makes them good for an after school snack, before sports, between meals, and as a healthy sweet treat equivalent to one daily serving of fruit that provides a slow energy. I like take a pack with me to enjoy at the movies. I always keep a pouch in my purse or backpack so that I have a satisfying snack wherever I go.

The snack will serve as a good replacement over the processed food snacks with artificial colouring and taste and keeps you and your kids healthy too.

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