Running with Peanut Butter

No, you don’t run with a peanut butter on your hands, obviously you have to eat it. Now I think you are curious how peanut butter helps in running but let me announce the fact that:

Peanut butter is actually the super-food that supercharge you for maximum running condition.

Surprised? Let’s get on with the facts to support the statement. Ask any running athlete and most will tell you they have incorporated peanut butter into their meal plan and that particular reason for doing so because of the high amount of calorie it contains and one of the essential items that give runners an extra boost because running consumes a lot of energy and therefore by consuming peanut butter before a run will help improve performance and endurance when your body needs the exact fuel to produce energy.

People like me prefer things that provide highest efficiency when things need things to be done quickly to achieve my desired result. I don't like to spend too much time on preparing meals and therefore eating peanut butter seems to be a desired option. Occasionally, natural fruit jams such as the greengage plum or apricot jam from the Central of Otago do provide me with the necessary nutrients if I don't engage in any high intensity training for the day. During training days, taking peanut butter spread help boost my energy levels and give me the extra push I need to break through the milestone I set for myself.

There are several peanut butter that I think is very good such as the great tasting hazelnut and macadamia butter or its variants that are dairy free like the chocolate hazelnut and chocolate almond butter.

The great thing about peanut butter is that it gives you protein, carbohydrates, fibre and unsaturated good fats that is easy to be digested.

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